Dangerous narrow lane and blind spots, drive slowly

  • Publish|2018-12-13
  • Source|Second fire brigade
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Case:Car accident rescue

Date:2018-12-13 08:49 AM

Site:No. ○○, section 4, Shixian Road

Personnel from attendance unit :Team members Cai Yongchen, Su Yiting, volunteer Hong Yueshao


At about 08:49 today (13), the disaster relief command section of the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City received a report from the public that there was an urgent need for rescue in a car accident in front of No. ○○, section 4, Shixian Road. The second branch of the second brigade immediately dispatched an ambulance to the scene. When the ambulance personnel arrived, they found that the police had arrived at the scene, two motrocycles were standing beside the driveway, and there were still scattered debris on the ground. There were two wounded people on the scene. A male (name not provided) said that his hands had bruises and did not need further treatment. The woman (Yang surname, 26 years old) sat on the side of the road, and the ambulance personnel inspected the injured person's injury. She said that she went uphill on the way to work and found that there was a motorcycle coming out from the alley. It was too late to dodge. After hitting it, she experienced pain on her left hand wrist and the right foot knee. The ambulance personnel assessed the wounded immediately and cleaned and bandaged the wound to stop bleeding. The injured was taken to the St. Martin de Porres Hospital. The cause of the accident was investigated by the police. The City Fire Bureau reminds that drivers should maintain a safe distance, slow down through intersections and turns, and pay attention to the traffic to avoid accidents.




Issue unit:Second fire brigade Second branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

Contact person:Branch head Huang Xingfa, member Cai Yongchen

Contact number:05-2236696

Is there a photo file:Yes

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