Every second counts in disaster relief Best destruction toll is disc cutting machine

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Case:One thing a day

Date:2018-12-13 09:00 AM

Site:First branch station (No. 287 Wenhua Road)

Personnel from attendance unit :all staff members


On-site processing situation:


The first branch of the first fire brigade of the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City implemented disc cutting machine operation training at the garage of the branch at 09:00 on the morning today (13). The familiar use of sophisticated equipment and skilled equipment operation facilitate the high firefighting power and disaster relief functions.
The disc cutting machine is the main equipment for firefighters to destroy and establish the rescue access entrance. The disc cutting machine is equipped with different cutting blades to cut obstacles of different materials such as iron and steel. The training content includes colleagues' operation proficiency of the disc cutter and common troubleshooting of the equipment, and simulates various possible situations so that the rescue time can be efficiently used at the disaster site to facilitate the follow-up rescue.
The Fire Bureau, Chiayi City said: In addition to standby disaster relief, firefighters are trained to better use disaster relief equipment and to have physical fitness. Each firefighter is familiar with the vehicles and equipment from "knowing the equipment" to "capable of operating the equipment", from "capable of operating the equipment" to "thoroughly know-how to operate the equipment" to enable colleagues to correctly and quickly operate various vehicles and equipment under any circumstances, and even faults can be repaired at any time. Via trainings firefighters will have a common understanding of various fire tactics in order to improve the overall disaster relief effectiveness.


Issue unit: First fire brigade First branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

Contact person:Branch head Yang Youren and team member Huang Junxuan

Contact number:05-2226658