In the split of a moment, a dashing woman was spooked but luckily unscathed

  • Publish|2019-02-01
  • Source|First fire brigade
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Case:Car accident rescue

Date:2018-12-13 11:22 AM

Site:Minsheng South road,761-6

Personnel from attendance unit :Team member Xu Mingtong and Tseng Weijin




Chiayi City fire bureau first Humei company branch, at 11:22 on the 13th, responds to a report from disaster rescue command section, citing that a moving incident has occurred in front of 761-6 on Minsheng South road, and has promptly dispatched a Hunei ambulance on duty.

Upon arriving on the scene, ambience medics find an injured person (Shen OO, female, aged 19) sitting by her motorbike, and also find councilwoman Wang Mei-hui also stopped driving by to express her concern.

With the scene right in front of Hunei Phoenix volunteer Luo Chenyu, who already approaches to examine the injured person.Medics Hsu Mingtong, Tseng Weijing assess the injured person, who is conscious, suffering a number of lacerations on her face and hands, whom is given wound cleaning, dressing to stop the bleeding, and is sent to Chiayi Veterans Hospital for treatment; according to the injured, she does not recall how the incident happened, but is only aware that she fails to respond a trail loaded with motorcycles is unloading, while she does not remember other details, with police investigating into relevant incident liability.

Urges Chiayi City fire bureau, motorists need to slow down and also caution for cars coming from both sides and the peripheral situation, as it anticipates that city folks can travel merrily and return home safely.


Issue unit:Second fire brigade Second branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

Contact person:Team leader Zhang Xinde Team member Xu Mingtong

Contact number:05-2832051