Sent to a hospital stay for unexpected incident while returning home from playtime

  • Publish|2018-12-12
  • Source|First fire brigade
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  • Last Update|2019-02-13

Case:Emergency rescue and care(car accident)

Date:2018-12-12 07:03 PM

Site:Intersection of the second section of Bo'ai Road and the second section of Shixian Road

Personnel from attendance unit :Team members Lin Yunahui, Liu Chewei


On-site processing situation:


Fire bureau, Chiayi City disaster relief command section has, at 19:03 on the 12th, received a case report, citing: a moving incident occurs at crossroad of Poai Road section-2 and Shihshien Road section-2, and has immediately dispatch a first brigade Dean branch ambulance on duty to provide rescue.

Upon arriving on the scene, the medics are met with a motorcycle laying skew on the divider, a male injured individual (surnamed Tsai, aged 19) by his motorcycle, indicating that he was on his way home traveling straight on Poai section-2 towards Yunlin, and collided with a private sedan turning right on the junction, causing his bike to shift from the traffic land and collided onto the divider, also harming himself. The medics examine at once to find the injured individual suffering lacerations on his right limb, and paint on his right chest; the medics clean the wounds, dress the wounds to stop the blooding, providing psychological support and sending the injured for treatment at Chiayi Veterans Hospital, with police looking into relevant cause of the moving incident.

Urges Chiayi City fire bureau that members of the public, whether driving a car or riding on a motorcycle, need to caution for the road condition, and also abide by various traffic signature, and also should caught for the traffic coming from the left and right when passing an intersection, and never attempt to take a shortcut only to harm themselves and the lives of others.


Issue unit:First fire brigade Dean branch


Date of issue:2018-12-12

Contact person:Team leader Cheng Mingchen, team member Liu Chewei

Contact number:05-2330119