Elderly living alone does not respond when sleeping. Neighbor call the fire brigade for emergency rescue

  • Publish|2018-12-13
  • Source|Second fire brigade
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Case:Emergency care

Date:2018-12-13 09:00 AM

Site:No. 00, 00 Lane, Chongwen Street

Personnel from attendance unit :Team leader Su Liqun, team members Wang Yonghe, Xu Mingxian, Huang Guanying, Chen Yuzhou, Li Zhengfeng


Today (13) at around 09:00, the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City Disaster Relief Command Section received a report from the public that there was no response of an elder living alone, and needed rescue in the home of No. 00, 00 Lane, Chongwen Street. The second branch of the second brigade immediately dispatched an equipment vehicle and an ambulance to the scene. When the ambulance personnel arrived, the next-door occupant said that the old man was living alone. Today, there was a health staffer who was going to give him the medicine. However, no matter how the door was knocked, there was no response. Therefore, 119 was called for assistance. After the staff arrived at the scene, the team leader Su Liqun immediately instructed the team member, Xu Minxian to open the door open with a sled bar. The ambulance personnel checked the situation inside the house. Fortunately, the old man (surname Liang, 81 years old) was conscious and said that he was in the room sleeping, so he didn't hear the outside shouting. Due to the clogging of the urinary catheter, the ambulance took him to Yangming Hospital for inspection. The Municipal Fire Bureau reminds that this incident fully verified that the distant relatives are not as good as the neighbors. Neighbors take care of each other. Strengthening the care of your neighbors can reduce the regrets.


Issue unit:Second fire brigade Second branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

Contact person:Branch head Huang Xingfa, member Chen Yuzhou

Contact number:05-2236696

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