Today's full-gear training will ensure actual disaster relief.

  • Publish|2018-12-12
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Case:One thing a day

Date:2018-12-12 11:00 AM

Site:Dean branch

Personnel from attendance unit :All colleagues


On-site processing situation:


The Dean branch of the first brigade of the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City conducted One Thing A Day- fire-fighting clothing, hats, shoes, and trousers dress training at 9:00 am today (12) in order to strengthen the self-training of the colleagues based upon the increasing attention paid to the safety of firefighters entering the fire scene and to improve the speed of attendance of the colleagues and the equipment required to actually enter the fire scene. The equipment is neatly dressed or not is about the safety of the disaster-relief personnel. If there is a mistake or negligence, the harm may immediately occur. Firefighters should face dangerous factors such as smoke, high temperature, radiant heat, toxic gases and sharp objects when entering the fire scene. If there is no proper protective measures, it may cause irreparable permanent trauma; therefore, the purpose of today's course is to target the dressing process for firefighters. All steps are re-examined and operated. The training contents follow the dressing order are to put on fire shoes, fire-proof hood, fire-fighting clothing, oxygen cylinder (including back frame), air mask, fire hat and fire-fighting gloves within the specified time and be sure to wear neatly and being tested to achieve self-protection effect and ensure disaster relief safety.
The Fire Bureau, Chiayi City said that firefighters face hidden dangers during the disaster relief process. Once they are negligent, they may cause casualties. Personal protective equipment plays a very important role in the disaster relief process. Through this training, the physical fitness of the colleagues is enhanced and the wearing of fire-fighting equipment is familiarized in order to facilitate the rapid implementation of the disaster relief and achieve the purpose of rescue to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.


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Date of issue:2018-12-12

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