Symposium of "LPG Safety Management Decree" hosted by the Fire Bureau

  • Publish|2018-12-13
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Date:2018-12-13 10:00-11:00 AM

Site:The Houhu Branch of the Second Brigade of the Fire Bureau

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The second brigade of the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City hosted the liquefied petroleum gas industry symposium at 10:00 am (13) to educate the legal knowledge of the LPG distributors in the jurisdiction and promote relevant policies. The symposium was presided over by the second brigade commander Chi Wenzhong. The operators enthusiastically attended the event. The contents of this symposium include:

  1. The decree announced.
  2. Matters should be followed by LPG stores
  3. Introduction of foreign LPG management and project distribution.
  4. Household LPG supply formalized contract.
  5. Exchange of opinions and review.

The City Fire Bureau stated that LPG operators should abide by the obligations of fire protection regulations, implement safety technicians and insure public accident liability insurance systems, establish user data for regular safety inspections, and sign formalized contracts to reduce consumer disputes so as to provide consumers with safe barrels of gas and excellent professional services to jointly maintain public safety.

Symposium of 「LPG Safety Management Decree」hosted by the Fire Bureau;Image description as explained above


Issue unit:Second fire brigade Lantan branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

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