Motorcycle failed to yield at the intersection, causing accident and the injured was taken to the hospital

  • Publish|2018-12-13
  • Source|Second fire brigade
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Case:Car accident rescue

Date:2018-12-13 10:40 AM

Site:Baojian Street and Zhongxiao Road intersection

Personnel from attendance unit :Houhu branch's team members Wu Ziqiang, He Jicang and serviceman Chen Boyi

On-site processing situation:

Houhu branch's team members Wu Ziqiang, He Jicang and serviceman Chen Boyi
The disaster relief command section of the Fire Bureau, Chiayi City received a report from the public at 10:40 today (13) that there was an urgent need for an ambulance in a motorcycle accident at the Baojian Street and Zhongxiao Road intersection of the city. The Houhu branch from the second brigade immediately dispatched an ambulance to the scene.
When the ambulance personnel arrived at the scene, they found that a female (surname Zhou, 22-year-old) was suffering from the roadside waiting for ambulance. The ambulance personnel immediately went forward to assess the injured person's vital signs and injuries. The injured person complained of headache and left foot bruise pain. The rescue personnel immediately cleaned and bandaged the wound to stop bleeding, and kept the injured warm and gave her psychological support. The injured said that when she saw the green light and started to go forward at the intersection, her motorcycle ran into another motorcycle for no reason. The ambulance personnel took the injured to the Chiayi Christian Hospital for follow-up treatment. The cause of the accident was investigated by the police.
The City Fire Bureau reminds the public that a lot of unexpected incidents have happened during the driving; drivers should always be vigilant and slow down and drive carefully.
Team leader Lin Yifa and team member Wu Ziqiang


Issue unit:Second fire brigade Houhu branch

Date of issue:2018-12-13

Contact person:Team leader Lin Yifa and team member Wu Ziqiang

Contact number:05-2761851

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